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CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Overwrappers / Wrapping Machines

CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Overwrappers / Wrapping Machines

Cellophane / overwrapp of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays for professionals.

An overwrapper is a wrapping machine which automates the process by wrapping a flexible packaging material (i.e. heat sealable film) around your carton, box or CD CD DVD case overwrapping/ DVD case encompassing envelope style end-folds.

JMV provide a range of overwrappers both automatic and semi-automatic (listed below) for varying workloads.

CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, Playstation, PS3 /PS4, Nintendo, PC Games Cases - Wrapping machine & packaging machines

There are many different reasons for choosing overwrapping as compared with other forms of packaging. The most important are :

  • Tamper Evidence – Overwrapping can show that a product is intact and has not been contaminated since leaving the factory. This is because once the seal has been broken to extract the product inside, it is very difficult to reseal.

  • Product Appeal – Perhaps the most significant reason for overwrapping is to improve the perceived product quality and value.
  • Cost Reduction – Overwrapping with film, especially for collations of products, can actually reduce costs.
  • Product Protection – The overwrap forms another barrier around the product and often provides extra strength during transit.
  • Packaging & Waste Weight Reduction – Overwrapping, unlike shrink wrapping, does not waste excess film during wrapping.
  • Energy saving – Overwrapping does not use much energy since heat is applied only where the seal is. This means that an overwrapping machine only uses 2 or 3 kilowatts of heat and power whereas sometimes as much as 20 or 30 kilowatts of heat are necessary to power heat shrink tunnels.

Overwrapping has a large amount of relevance today.

Whether it is selected from a cost reduction, enhanced security or enhanced product appeal point of view, overwrapping offers tremendous benefits to the packaging of many different products.

Automatic Overwappers:
Optional Extras:

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